Sixth Impact

Evan, 21, NYC, I like things.

The Portrait - René Magritte, 1935

Kirsten Dunst, photographed by Juergen Teller for W magazine, May 2014.
(click the image for extremely high-res photo.)

Franklin Arbuckle, Western Hemlock, c.1950

What is your zodiac sign?


Taurus. I’m sensual, caring, and creative.

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..I srsly wanna hang out with you. You have the most exquisite taste in Music!!!!! plus watching anime would be a +


Yes we can dance to some good tunes and when we’re too tired to dance, we can chill and have a Miyazaki marathon

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My coworker just invited me back to his place to “blaze” and drink a few “brewskis” dear god I have a feeling he is gonna try to do something funny

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You look like you would beat me if we dated & I'm ashamed that I kinda like you for it.



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I love working with cancer-causing transdermal medications :3

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Putting my two week notice in today :,)

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